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It's not a matter of if, but when your brand will be attacked

Carter & Co. Communications thrives in using time efficiently and effectively to create a transparent level of accountability while transforming a potentially damaging time into an opportunity for positive impact. We save reputations because they are any organization’s most valuable asset. Transparency earns trust, and retaining that trust is central to averting crisis. Anticipating any kind of backlash or strike is also a way to combat negative attention, especially when any person or company is a potential target. Being prepared is the first step, and from that point forward, we provide clients with an unflagging effort to maintain their brand in the face of adversity as well as keeping them out of the news when necessary.

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It’s not “if” but “when” your brand will be attacked.

When you run a business, the question isn’t if your products or services will be attacked, but when.

When a crisis occurs, you must be prepared to respond. Every moment that passes jeopardizes your ability to transform a negative situation into an opportunity. Carter & Co. Communications equips your business with the tools necessary to handle anything that comes your way. We work hand-and-glove with our clients to create a strategic crisis management plan, assessing risk factors and training staff in how to react to potential adverse scenarios. We anticipate possible crisis situations and work to protect our clients’ interests, preventing unfavorable media coverage before it happens.

When disaster does strike, Carter & Co. Communications is here to navigate your business through the trenches, reducing the impact of negative opinions and media coverage by delivering a transparent message that repairs and restores your reputation. Whether there has been a recall on a product or litigation has been brought forth by a former employee or customer, Carter & Co. Communications is here to ensure that your perspective is conveyed in an optimum way.

While averting major disasters is a priority, it’s also imperative to address the mini-crisis situations that occur day-to-day. More than ever, consumers rely on online media when making a decision about whether to purchase a product or service. Just one bad review can turn dozens of potential customers and clients away from your business. Carter & Co. Communications realizes how powerful online media is in making or breaking a company’s reputation. While it may be impossible to remove negative comments, Carter & Co. Communications works to make the positive voices louder. We monitor online activity and are prepared to respond to adverse comments at all times. Using social media platforms, we work to establish a strong online presence and promote positive information about your business.

Our Approach
We break down crisis management into two different categories that react and respond to adverse situations.
We maintain our clients' brands in the face of adversity and keep them out of the public eye when necessary.

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  • Author

    "Carter & Co Communications' public relations performance was truly the tour de force and it's quality work was absolutely top drawer! "

    Don Orosco, DBO Development
  • Author

    "We were overwhelmed by the level of support and interest you were able attract from the media,elected officials, industry experts, and local dignitaries....I have no reservation in recommending your services to a potential Client"

    Steve Earl, President and CEO
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    "Holly is an energetic, creative force focused on results.... Holly’s customer centric view always translates well into the action plan that you and your organization can embrace. This is a key asset for anyone working with her. However, additionally, her enthusiasm and sense of humor makes working together fun."

    Brian Angus, CEO
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    "Holly is a very savvy communicator who fully understands and embraces the digital medium. Holly has her finger on the pulse of important issues that impact our community, sharing that news with her audience in the most timely fashion. Her proficiency with all aspects of social media is a true benefit to her ability to carry out her job"

    Lisa Boyles, Communications/Public Affairs/Social Media
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    "Holly Carter’s core expertise is developing effective communication strategies for organizations. She brings a significant amount of energy to the table and has the courage to challenge the status quo. As a CEO, I choose consultants that will move my business forward quickly and permanently. Holly has done this for Borga and I would recommend her to any organization that is serious about itself. As a bonus, she is well connected in the Central Valley and has introduced me to experts that have contributed in other areas of the business."

    Ron Heskett, CEO

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