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Central Valley Agriculture Experts

Educating consumers, changing lives

The central San Joaquin Valley is an integral part of the country’s agricultural resources. 8% of the United States’ agricultural products are produced right here in the San Joaquin Valley. From grain to organic fruit, California’s central valley has it all. If you are a valley producer, Carter & Co. is your communications firm. Our company creates the strategies needed to move brands forward and become publicly recognized and trusted. From graphic design to brand journalism, we specialize in all of the communication tools to make your brand a leader in business.


This multi-billion dollar industry needs a communications firm dedicated to knowing the industry and equipped to handle its needs.  Carter & Co. Communications is that firm on every level.

As an active member in the community, Holly Carter, the founder of Carter & Co, has developed numerous marketing programs that have prompted change in the valley that favor the Ag industry and all of the jobs that it creates. Through integrated communications strategies, we have moved Ag brands into the spotlight and given them credibility. For the general public, a recognized brand is associated with trust.

Handling everything from reputation management to regulatory, market and consumer acceptance, Carter & Co. knows the pulse of the industry. Holly Carter is an active member of the Fresno County Farm Bureau and a graduate of the Future Advocates for Agriculture Concerned About Tomorrow. Carter & Co. is also a member or affiliate of Ag One, California Women for Ag, Western Growers Association, American Pistachio Growers and Western Agricultural Processors Association.

Dead Harvest

Powerful and provocative, DEAD HARVEST documents how federal laws and environmental lawsuits are devastating California's Central Valley, where a quarter of America's food is produced.

Here are some ways we can help:


Our company creates integrated communications strategies to gain credibility and move brands forward. For the general public, a recognized brand is associated with trust, and vice versa. Handling everything from reputation management to regulatory, market and consumer acceptance, Carter & Co. Communications knows the pulse of this business.

Carter & Co. is also able to assist in generating positive brand recognition for agricultural company and its products

In a time of significant water shortage, it is more important than ever to tell your story.

Crisis-PRWhen you run an Ag business, the question isn't if your products or services will be attacked, but when. Food recalls, poor social media management and drought are only a few of the common crisis trends. Every moment that passes jeopardizes your ability to transform a negative situation into an opportunity. Carter & Co. Ag equips your business with your tools necessary to handle anything that comes your way. We create a strategic crisis communication plan specifically identifying risk factors and training staff in how to respond. We anticipate possible crisis situations and work to protect our clients' interest, preventing unfavorable media coverage before it happens.

  • Author

    "Carter & Co Communications' public relations performance was truly the tour de force and it's quality work was absolutely top drawer! "

    Don Orosco, DBO Development
  • Author

    "We were overwhelmed by the level of support and interest you were able attract from the media,elected officials, industry experts, and local dignitaries....I have no reservation in recommending your services to a potential client"

    Steve Earl, President and SEO
  • Author

    "Holly is an energetic, creative force focused on results..... Holly’s customer centric view always translates well into the action plan that you and your organization can embrace. ...Her enthusiasm and sense of humor makes working together fun."

    Brian Angus, CEO
  • Author

    "Holly is a very savvy communicator who fully understands and embraces the digital medium. Holly has her finger on the pulse of important issues that impact our community, sharing that news with her audience in the most timely fashion. Her proficiency with all aspects of social media is a true benefit to her ability to carry out her job"

    Lisa Boyles, Communications/Public Affairs/Social Media
  • Author

    "Holly Carter’s core expertise is developing effective communication strategies for organizations. She brings a significant amount of energy to the table and has the courage to challenge the status quo. ...She is well connected in the Central Valley and has introduced me to experts that have contributed in other areas of the business."

    Ron Heskett, CEO

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