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Fresno EOC
Fresno County Economic Opportunities Commission

Fresno County Economic Opportunities Commission


The Fresno County Economic Opportunities Commission is a non-profit agency primarily funded by State programs and grants. It is a large organization covering about 70 programs and has annual revenues of about $140 million.

The Fresno County EOC has long felt it was a “best kept secret” in the Fresno area with many of their programs running under the radar and minimal exposure to the general public. With challenging times ahead related to budget issues at the State level, they concluded it was time for an aggressive communications strategy to increase the local knowledge of what the critical nature of the Agencies programs have to the community.

They needed to tell their story much better.


FresoEOC2Fresno County EOC hired Carter and Co. Communications to fulfill an immediate public affairs role and requested the development of a long term communications strategy that would educate the public as to what the role of the Agency is in bettering the community. They were keenly aware of the need to insure the communication appealed to both sides of the political aisle.

Carter and Co. Communications immediately began working with the various departments to create various messaging and media events that were highly successful at getting coverage. They crafted careful messaging that educated the public as to the successful and cost effective role of these programs.

In addition, Fresno County EOC provided an annual budget and Carter and Co. Communications began the development of a long term communications strategy to the Agency. This strategy included the recommendation for both traditional and non-traditional techniques. Part of our strategy was to also convince them that as a firm that size they needed to establish an internal effort to continue this effort long term.



The initial effort was very successful in significantly increasing the Fresno County EOC’s media coverage. Feedback indicated the messaging strategy was also successful in getting support from both sides of the political spectrum as program support came from both Democratic and Republican elected officials and from the general public.

In addition, with the acceptance and implementation of the Communications Strategy developed by Carter and Co. Communications achieved the goals for the programs and led to the establishment of an internal effort.


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