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Holly Carter is a Certified Crisis Management Professional

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Have a Crisis Communications Emergency?

If you have an immediate need, please call us now: (559) 321-8884

You may also email us here and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Carter & Co. Communications are the proud recipients of the 2017 Interise Impact Award!

It’s very important to us that when we begin talking with a client that we truly understand who you are and what you are passionate about. You can count on us to take on your passion and tell your story in a way that draws your community, your target audience to you. Tell your story effectively and customers will come.

Carter & Co. Communications provides the team to get your stories out, using creative, innovative and comprehensive approaches to develop communications strategies that custom fit any client’s public-relations needs. Understanding that everyone has a unique story means understanding how to deliver it to the masses in a way that promotes each client’s mission. Let us help you tell your story.


We believe in agriculture so much that we have a dedicated team at Carter & Co. Ag to meet the specific perception and public relations needs of the ag community.

Visit Carter & Co. Ag
Carter & Co. serves the legal industry


News travels at the speed of light and legal teams need to have a PR team in place to handle every need from promoting positive verdicts to handling crisis management communications.

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Carter & Co. serves the non-profit industry


We all know that changing the world around you isn't easy. But, with the right team of experts able to build excitement about the work you do, it can be done!

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Carter & Co. serves political causes

Political Causes

In this volitile political climate, it's imperative that you have a team able to build consensus, expand your influence, and protect your image all at the same time.

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At Carter & Co., we know what it takes to make your voice heard above the rest. We tell your story and build trust between you and your customers and clients to keep your business growing.

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What is Crisis Communications?

Crisis communications (or crisis management) is the application of a strategic plan to transform a typically unexpected, sudden, and potentially damaging event or situation into an opportunity for positive impact.

Social Media

Your business is raw and real and so are your customers. We develop strong social media movements, not trends. We use social media to influence grassroots movement and mobilize market groups.

Crisis Management

When you run a business, the question isn’t if your products or services will be attacked, but when. We equip your business with the tools necessary to handle anything that comes your way.

Media Relations

We have an established reputation for excellence because we know how valuable “big media” is in the valley. We use our contacts to encourage positive media attention, while responding timely to negative attention in the media landscape.

Grassroots Movements

We are the only company in the valley to emphasize the importance of grassroots movements as a strategy to mobilize a market segment. By focusing your efforts on grassroots campaigns, you win credibility with your market and gain a positive reputation.


We develop positive branding through strong media messages. We don't do short-term struts or shallow tweets. Your company is real and raw and your marketing message should be the same.

Strategic Communications

We provide strategic counsel for our clients with the goal of  developing aggressive marketing strategies. Our plans always focus on the results of our clients ultimate goals and interests.

Community Relations

If your company is currently building a reputation, do not neglect the importance of your community's brand awareness. Every company needs to have their own spotlight and the place to start is your front door.


If your company or business sees a need in your community we can help you develop and launch a political campaign to help strengthen your message to promote positive legislation to everyone's benefit.

Legal Public Relations

Legal cases are often tried in the minds of the public. Perception is reality in the courtroom and we help our clients develop positive and persuasive messages that create a groundswell of support which often lead to a speedy settlement. We assist lawyers with jury selection, media relations, and strategic communications. Let us help position your client for the win.

  • Sang Pediatrics

    Sang Pediatric

    Business / Crisis / Grassroots / Media Relations / Public Relations / Small Business

    View details
  • EOCCaseStudy

    Economic Opportunities Commission

    Media Relations / Non Profit / Public Relations

    View details
  • farm-grown

    Farm Grown

    View details
  • Clint-Olivier-PR

    Clint Olivier

    Grassroots / Non Profit / Political / Social Media

    With the help of Carter & Co. Communications, Clint Oliver was elected Fresno City Councilman despite a lack of endorsement from his Republican party.

    View details
  • Olam PR


    Business / Public Relations

    Through Media Press Releases and event planning on a grand scale, Carter & Co Communications prevented Olam’s public view from a potential negative to that of hometown heroes.

    View details
  • Carter & Co. Communications Crisis, Lobbying, and Political Negotiations Client: Walmart


    Business / Crisis / Grassroots / Lobbying / Media Relations / Public Relations

    Through Grassroots movements, Carter & Co Communications helped Walmart gather the local support they needed for expansion,

    View details
  • Carter & Co. Communications Crisis, Problem Solving, and Political Negotiations Client: Fresno Grizzlies

    Fresno Grizzlies

    Business / Crisis / Lobbying / Media Relations / Political / Public Relations / Social Media

    Carter&Co. helped broker discussions between the Fresno City Council and the Grizzlies Baseball Club.

    View details
  • Carter & Co. Communications Problem Solving and Public Relations Client: Mathews Harley-Davidson

    Mathews Harley-Davidson

    Business / Crisis / Grassroots / Lobbying / Public Relations / Small Business

    By generating media attention and community involvement, Mathew’s Harley Davidson was able to keep their location and renovate despite objections from it’s parent company.

    View details
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  • Author

    "Carter & Co Communications' public relations performance was truly the tour de force and it's quality work was absolutely top drawer! "

    Don Orosco, DBO Development

  • Author

    "We were overwhelmed by the level of support and interest you were able to attract from the media, elected officials, industry experts, and local dignitaries....I have no reservation in recommending your services to a potential Client"

    Steve Earl, President and CEO

  • Author

    "Holly is an energetic, creative force focused on results.... Holly’s customer-centric view always translates well into the action plan that you and your organization can embrace.... her enthusiasm and sense of humor makes working together fun."

    Brian Angus, CEO
  • Author

    "Holly is a very savvy communicator who fully understands and embraces the digital medium. Holly has her finger on the pulse of important issues that impact our community, sharing that news with her audience in the most timely fashion. Her proficiency with all aspects of social media is a true benefit to her ability to carry out her job"

    Lisa Boyles, Communications/Public Affairs/Social Media
  • Author

    "Holly Carter’s core expertise is developing effective communication strategies for organizations. She brings a significant amount of energy to the table and has the courage to challenge the status quo. As a CEO, I choose consultants that will move my business forward quickly and permanently. Holly has done this for Borga and I would recommend her to any organization that is serious about itself. As a bonus, she is well connected in the Central Valley and has introduced me to experts that have contributed in other areas of the business."

    Ron Heskett, CEO

Some of our Happy Clients

  • Carter & Co. Client: AIMS Center
  • Carter & Co. Client: Borga Steel
  • Carter & Co. Client: California Autism Center
  • Carter & Co. Client: Castle Air Museum
  • Carter & Co. Client: Fresno EOC
  • Carter & Co. Client: Horizon Nut Company
  • Carter & Co. Client: Hyperloop Transportation Technologies
  • Carter & Co. Client: Kings County Farm Bureau
  • Carter & Co. Client: Edward O. Lund Foundation
  • Carter & Co. Client: Monterey County Vacation Rental Alliance
  • Carter & Co. Client: Miss California
  • Carter & Co. Client: Optimal Hospice
  • Carter & Co. Client: Sang Pediatrics
  • Carter & Co. Client: Stone Ridge Christian
  • InfraGard
  • Institute for Crisis Management

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