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Holly Carter is a Certified Crisis Management Professional

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Carter & Co. Communications, Crisis Communications

Carter & Co. is the highest rated crisis communications team in California.
When (not if) your brand is attacked, you need the best in reputation and crisis management to have a plan in hand, ready to turn that attack into an opportunity.

Crisis Services Available:
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Crisis Communication Plan

10 hours • $3,000 and up

The best crisis preparation and response truly begins with a crisis management plan. At Carter & Co., we help you develop a crisis plan so we can both respond as soon as the crisis arises.

Site Safety Assessment & Training Video

7 hours • $3,495

Our Expert Staff will provide a detailed evaluation of each of your sites. The team of Evaluators will begin by conducting surveillance of each site and its day to day operations.

Substance Abuse Recognition at Work

7 hours • $4,495

This 7-hour course will help companies recognize and prevent substance abuse. This course combines the substance abuse signs and symptoms of California Health and Safety Code 11550.

Violence in the Workplace Prevention

7 hours • $4,495

This 7-hour course is designed to provide site supervisors knowledge and tools regarding everyday site safety. This course provides detailed information regarding workplace violence prevention.

Active Shooter/Active Threat Training

4 hours • $5,750

This 2 or 4-hour muscle memory training is as real as it gets! We bring an active shooter and intruder scenario to your business and show you in detail, ways to keep your staff safe.

It's not a matter of if, but when your brand will be attacked. How you respond can make or break your business.

Carter & Co. Communications thrives in managing crisis situations. During the crisis phase, your customers and clients will have a heightened awareness of everything you do. Efficient and effective action creates the transparency and accountability they need to see while transforming a potentially damaging crisis into an opportunity for positive impact and minimal disruption.

Transparency earns trust, and retaining that trust is central to averting the crisis and saving your reputation, your organization’s most valuable asset. Our experience as a top crisis and reputation management firm provides us the unique ability to anticipate and combat negative attention and backlash, keeping the PR surrounding your company positive and forward moving.

The best crisis preparation and response truly begins with a crisis management plan. At Carter & Co., we help you develop a crisis plan so we can both respond as soon as the crisis arises. Once the crisis plan is put into action, we provide an unflagging effort to maintain your brand in the face of adversity, keeping your clients and customers trust, and keeping you out of the news when necessary.

Carter & Co. Crisis Communications and Management Team Stepped into Action for Sang Pediatrics

Holly Carter has over 25 years of experience in strategic communications and successfully leads her clients through the most difficult crises. Watch Holly talk about a workplace violence crisis that rocked an entire city.


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Business Crisis FAQs

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Over 70 percent of businesses don't have a crisis plan
50 percent of businesses that experience a crisis fail in 2 years
A data breach will cost a company an average of $158 per identity

The average Violence in the Workplace incident, according to CAL OSHA, costs a business an average of $800,000


Hospitals and providers are now required to have a plan since the passage of SB 1299. There are discussions of other industries following suit. Why wait when the stakes are so high?

Our Crisis Communication Team's Approach

Create a Crisis Communications Plan

When you run a business, the question isn’t if your products or services will be attacked, but when.

When a crisis occurs, you must be prepared to respond. Every moment that passes jeopardizes your ability to transform a negative situation into an opportunity. Carter & Co. Communications equips your business with the tools necessary to handle anything that comes your way.

We work closely with our clients to create a strategic crisis management plan, assessing risk factors and training staff in how to react to potential adverse scenarios. We anticipate possible crisis situations and work to protect our clients’ interests, preventing unfavorable media coverage before it ever happens.

Managing the Crisis According to the Crisis Plan

When disaster does strike, Carter & Co. Communications—one of California’s best business, political, and individual crisis and reputation management firms—activates our team for initial response according to the crisis preparation plan. We are always ready to help you and your business navigate through the trenches, reducing the impact of negative opinions and media coverage by delivering a transparent message that repairs and restores your reputation.

Whether there has been a recall on a product or litigation has been brought forth by a former employee or customer, Carter & Co. Communications is here to ensure that your perspective is conveyed in an optimum way.

Continuing Reputation Management

While averting major disasters is a priority, it’s also imperative to address the mini-crisis situations that occur day-to-day.

More than ever, consumers rely on online media when making a decision about whether to purchase a product or service. Carter & Co. Communications realizes how powerful online media is in making or breaking a company’s reputation. Even just one bad review can turn dozens of potential customers and clients away from your business.

While it may be impossible to remove some negative comments, Carter & Co. Communications works to make the positive voices louder. We monitor online activity and are prepared to respond to adverse comments at all times. Using social media platforms, we work to establish a strong online presence and promote positive information about your business.

Our suite of crisis planning services includes:

violence in the workplace prevention  ·  active threat training  ·  risk assessments  ·  crisis simulations  ·  business continuity planning

When a crisis situation arises, you need a professional and effective crisis response team on your side with a plan in hand.

We will prepare, protect, and defend your brand!

Call us now at (559) 321-8884 or send us an email!

Crisis Management and Communications Case Studies:

Sang Pediatrics

Sang Pediatric

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Carter & Co. Communications Crisis, Problem Solving, and Political Negotiations Client: Fresno Grizzlies

Fresno Grizzlies

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Protect Visalia Project PR

Protect Visalia

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