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Holly Carter is a Certified Crisis Management Professional

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Grassroots Advocacy
Mobilizing the masses

Grass Roots Advocacy is all about meeting face to face and spreading your passion and excitement so that each one you meet goes out and spreads your same passion and excitement.

Land-Use Advocacy

Managing perception can be a significant cog in gaining public acceptance or approval for a project. Failing to do so can lead to a domino effect of failures. Carter & Co. Communications has developed effective strategies to show communities why approving locations and projects is essential to maintaining and even raising their standard of living. Shaping a positive perception has numerous advantages, including avoiding malicious intervention from outside entities that can harm a project.

Coalition Building

Creating an effective group of people with common interests means being diverse, adaptable and knowledgeable. Carter & Co. Communications is adept at building these kinds of think tanks. Our firm has the necessary expertise and fluidity in place at all times, as well as the reputation and ability to pull different outside groups together to form influential coalitions. We thrive in this model because we know we live in a diverse area of the country and understand its needs as well as the needs of our clients.

Making Connections

No company or person should underestimate the impact of engaging a community and making personal connections. Our company has a pristine reputation for reaching into a community and gaining support, whether it be for a candidate, campaign, company or event. Communicating at the public level is one of our specialties. Our grassroots outreach has done everything from help win elections to push policy to getting nationally-known brands to recognize the value of the valley and its citizens. This is a vital strategy that requires expertise and thorough knowledge of local wants, needs and demographics.

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Business / Crisis / Grassroots / Lobbying / Media Relations / Public Relations

Carter & Co. Communications Crisis, Problem Solving, and Political Negotiations Client: Fresno Grizzlies

Fresno Grizzlies

Business / Crisis / Lobbying / Media Relations / Political / Public Relations / Social Media

  • Author

    "Carter & Co Communications' public relations performance was truly the tour de force and it's quality work was absolutely top drawer! "

    Don Orosco, DBO Development
  • Author

    "We were overwhelmed by the level of support and interest you were able attract from the media,elected officials, industry experts, and local dignitaries....I have no reservation in recommending your services to a potential client"

    Steve Earl, President and SEO
  • Author

    "Holly is an energetic, creative force focused on results..... Holly’s customer centric view always translates well into the action plan that you and your organization can embrace. ...Her enthusiasm and sense of humor makes working together fun."

    Brian Angus, CEO
  • Author

    "Holly is a very savvy communicator who fully understands and embraces the digital medium. Holly has her finger on the pulse of important issues that impact our community, sharing that news with her audience in the most timely fashion. Her proficiency with all aspects of social media is a true benefit to her ability to carry out her job"

    Lisa Boyles, Communications/Public Affairs/Social Media
  • Author

    "Holly Carter’s core expertise is developing effective communication strategies for organizations. She brings a significant amount of energy to the table and has the courage to challenge the status quo. ...She is well connected in the Central Valley and has introduced me to experts that have contributed in other areas of the business."

    Ron Heskett, CEO

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