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Press Release: “Women’s History Month” The Focus of Central Valley Summit


(Fresno, CA) March 1st officially kicks off Women’s History Month, a time when we honor trailblazing women who are starting new businesses, creating jobs, and impacting the economy in meaningful ways. According to the National Women’s Business Council, research indicates that women business owners struggle to find resources to scale their businesses. Preparing for a threat to their business isn’t something that usually fits into a lean annual budget. One woman has set her sights on bridging this gap.

On March 15th, Carter & Co. Communications, Inc, a strategic and crisis communications firm will be holding a half-day “Crisis Preparedness Summit” and has set their sights on positioning women CEO’s and executives at the front of the line. While the event is being offered to all business owners throughout the Central Valley, Carter & Co.’s CEO, Holly Carter, is determined to have a significant turnout of women entrepreneurs at the event. Speaking at a National Women’s History Forum in 2015, Carter spoke of the unique challenges women business owners face. Carter explains, “Women have this awful habit of thinking we can do it all and then set out to prove we are right. We don’t like to ask for help and then we wonder why the percentage of female CEO’s in the Fortune 500 is only 4%. I hope we can empower women to change that mindset when it comes to preparing for a business crisis.”

Warren Buffett explains, “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.” Very few businesses survive a crisis unless they have prepared. The goal of this Crisis Preparedness Summit is to help business leaders “do things differently” now before they find themselves in the midst of a crisis.

The Crisis Preparedness Summit features nationally recognized professionals in the field of crisis management. The list of speakers includes Ron Williams, a counter-terrorism expert who guarded 4 Presidents, and Rocky Pipkin who is featured in Forbes and has protected brands of clients all the way to the Supreme Court. This action-packed half-day summit is being held at and hosted by the Clovis Veterans Memorial District and Executive Director Lorenzo Rios will serve as the Master of Ceremonies.

This event is being offered free of charge to business owners thanks to the support of sponsors of the summit. To learn more about the training or to register for this event, visit www.crisisblueprint.com.

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