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Holly Carter is a Certified Crisis Management Professional

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World Ag Expo: Holly Carter Scheduled to Speak on February 15th

Carter & Co. Ag Communications Founder Part of the Women In Ag Seminar Series

holly-08-16Holly Carter’s presentation is titled Ag and Crisis Communications: When Things Go Wrong. The World Ag Expo presentation will ask if your business is prepared in the event of a crisis. Holly will provide professional insight on what to do in – and before – a worst case scenario. If the media came to your facility in the wake of an accident or food borne illness, are you prepared to respond? Knowing how to react in these crisis situations is critical and affects the success and reputation of your brand. We will walk you through the steps of preparing your organization to communicate with employees, customers, suppliers, media and the general public when a crisis hits. Join us for a discussion you can’t afford to miss.

NO RSVP is required, but it would help us if you let us know you’re coming. Just go to our  Eventbrite page and get your “free ticket” (The ticket is not required, it just lets us know that you’re coming). Please note that this presentation is free to attendees of The World Ag Expo, but there is an admission charge for the Expo itself.

The presentation is hosted by Women in Agriculture for Mentoring and Empowerment.


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